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Next generation PhD program?

Whether you admit it or not, the PhD program is heading slowly but steadily toward a major crisis. The recent series by Nature have prompted me to re-think about the system PhD graduation. I know; nobody likes changes, especially not the academia profs, but believe me, it will hurt twice as much if the system will not […]

Thoughts about the PhD program and success

Everyone wants to succeed in their doings – ambition is part of the human nature, even for those that are lazy. What differs us, humans, from one another is the degree of ambition flowing in our blood. Why is it so important for most people to feel successful? What stands behind this drive to be one, if not, the […]

The BIG meat loaf BBQ

So, Pesah is here and traditionally we’ve cleaned and organized the lab in the morning, and later, met for the BBQ. This time, we had a royal guest – a 2.5Kg (5 pound) meat loaf which we grilled for ~2hr, sliced to steaks and then additionally grilled each slice for ~2 minutes on each side…Take […]

Do You Work Like A Professional Scientist?

Adapted from my post at Bitesize Bio on April 11th: In my  last article I looked at how to efficiently self-manage the scientist in us all. But, to transform efficient and elaborate planning into a mass of (publishable) results, you need to be technically proficient. Here, I’ll look at some ways to acquire and improve your technical […]

Making the most of your antibodies collection with BioKM

I think it’s time to have a real introduction: My name is Chen Guttman and I am a PhD student at the Zarivach laboratory researching X-Ray crystallography of effector proteins secreted by pathogenic bacteria. I’ve recently started using BioData’s laboratory management tool, BioKM, to help increase my productivity and research capabilities, as well as improve […]

Getting organized – setting up the pieces

ha, opening a blog…the true sense of excitement and the aroma of fresh paint. Yet, it’s still under construction so return soon for a new peek of science, research and management improvement sent to you from the busy (but neatly ordered) bench. BW