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“…and our next speaker is…”

Slowly but surely, my first oral presentation at a national conference (and not an intra-departmental seminar) approaches. What I feel on the eve of the presentation? Fear (not bad) Excitement (ok..) Confidence (gonna show them what I am made of) But really, I was thinking to myself, it’s just a lecture, right? What’s the big […]

En-route – making the most of “off-lab” time

I will start off by saying that I am a public transportation user. With the increasing price of fuel and the distance I am traveling to the lab everyday (over 100km one way), public transportation is the best choice for me and for those who want to do more with their time. Sounds weird? Maybe. […]

Protein purification: From cell pellet to freezer in less than 12 hour – Part 2

Continuing the 12 hour purification… Ion-exchange column – 5/50GL Mono Q 11:25 – Using AKTA purifier FPLC (GE healthcare) I’ve prepared and conditioned the high resolution Mono Q 5/50GL column with low salt buffer (50mM NaCl) and prepared our special inlet buffer valve position A8 (A18).

Protein purification: From cell pellet to freezer in 12 hour – Part 1

Every biochemist knows that purification of proteins should be as fast as possible because proteins are prone to non-specific cleavage or structure instability due to thermal energy in the environment. In the following post(s) I will detail how I broke my own record of protein purification time.