Young Scientist Forum 2011 – getting there

Presentation of young scientists at the Young Scientists Forum, Torino, Italy 2011 © Chen Guttman

I’m writing you while on the FEBS 2011 congress and I must say I quite enjoyed the Young Scientist Forum meeting that have been held right before the congress. I’ve enjoyed it so much I didn’t had the time to update my blog. But I should first start from the beginning of the first day.

Getting there
Having a flight at 5am meant that you are not gonna have much sleep. And indeed, after a relative easy flight I’ve landed at Fiumicino, Rome around 8am only to rush to the other side of the airport to reach the connection flight to Torino. On gate B14 I met Efrat, a PhD student from the Hebrew university that also participates in the YSF meeting. Only when we landed at Torino’s airport did we met with Hadas, who also came on the same flight from Ben Gurion university in Israel.
To reach Villa Guliano we had to take a shuttle from the airport to the train station in Torio, and then take 2 additional buses. Reaching Torino was easy, but then we had some difficulty in finding the bus stop and the ticket selling kiosks. At this time we have meet with the some greek students, and also with Monica which came from Romania. It was quite a funny thing as we all tried to find some information with our english and thanks to Efrat’s Italian we managed to find the right kiosk and the bus station which advanced us a bit further closer the villa compound. On the banks of the Po river we waited for bus #73 which came twenty minutes after we reached that station. Ten minutes later,following a squeezy drive uphill, we disembarked in front of the villa’s front gate, approximately 1 hour before the start of the meeting.

At the room I found laying on the bed, Amir Mor, a graduate student of the Bar Ilan University, Israel which came to Torino a night before as he was one of the first speakers and wanted to have a good rest. while we were preparing for the start of the meeting, Omri Wurtzer and Ofer Elhannani came in, both from Israel, after realizing their suitcases were left at Rome.
Omri didn’t had much time so he quickly organized and rehearsed for his lecture.

The first day – YSF 2011
The meeting started on time and after a welcoming note by the young and competent committee the plenary talk by Prof.  Tiago Flemming Outeiro started. It was a very nice presentation followed by a short 1-minute poster introduction by 30 of the 102 presenters which was a good way to know which of the presenters will be of interest to visit. Then the first of the 24 oral presentations have started by Omri from the weizmann institute giving a Talk dealing with the identification of widespread cis-antisense sequences in virulence Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It was a very nice talk which generated many questions. Then, Amir from the Bar Ilan University, Israel had his talk regarding dynamics of a single mRNP molecule seen with a sophisticated microscopic analysis. This was too a great talk and Amir gave it with much grace!
Additional talks were given by students from Portugal and Switzerland and afterwards we had dinner.  After such a long day, I’ve crashed and slept after an intensive long day.

more to come!

2 comments on “Young Scientist Forum 2011 – getting there

  1. Good Job!!

  2. […] When on the conference grounds, walk around, visit posters and talk with people. Don’t be shy about approaching a lecturer if you have a question or an interesting idea. This is an excellent opportunity to forge collaborations or to find your potential post-doc mentor. It is also a great opportunity to meet with colleague grad students and explore the city together or exchange scientific ideas (see my post @benchwise about the YSF 2011 meeting). […]

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