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Away from the lab

It’s been some time since I wrote here. I am already away from the lab for the past 2 and a half weeks and I have an additional week ahead of me. Nonetheless, it’s be hard to return to the lab routine after a long and different routine some place else. I was lucky enough […]

Young Scientist Forum 2011 – of winners and inspiration

The third and last day of the Young Scientist Forum meeting at Villa Gualino started with symposium on protein’s structures and development with an excellent talk by Marcella Cesana on the role of microRNA in muscle development and it continued with additional talks on disease such as the talk by Carlos RODRIGUES which discussed the […]

Young Scientist Forum 2011 – days full of science & celebrations

I was writing this post on the last day of the FEBS congress, evening was  falling fast in the old part of Torino as I was recollecting all my scientific and personal experiences from the excellent YSF meeting. See my previous post for the first part of this special meeting.