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Away from the lab

It’s been some time since I wrote here. I am already away from the lab for the past 2 and a half weeks and I have an additional week ahead of me. Nonetheless, it’s be hard to return to the lab routine after a long and different routine some place else.

I was lucky enough to have internet access so I am updating with my lab members, PI and my BioKM account, checking the status of things and seeing that things progress (at a very slow pace) even when I am away. I realized we didn’t get one of the grants so I am trying to write a grant application right now. I was surprised to find out that writing a grant is much more difficult then writing a paper! As this is the first time I am actively involved in writing a grant, progress is slow and is very time consuming, especially because I don’t have what I call a “writer’s peace” or the ability to sit down and write for several hours without interruptions. In this manner I completely understand my PI in regard to the difficulties in writing grants while bothered by people and duties.

One week to go…


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