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Why should I pay??

I am writing this piece after seeing Prof. David Stephens commenting on twitter in regard to the recent acquisition of LabLife by Biodata: Now, essentially his question is in place – why should someone pay for a certain service/product if he/she could get similar (but not equal) product for free? and now that Lablife is […]

The cost of being unorganized

A couple of days ago I have seen a comment on twitter made by @Bam294 – here it goes: Now, putting aside the fact that it is a wrong decision to transfer samples from -80 degrees to plus 4 degrees, it reminded me of the importance of order and documentation of freezers sample, especially those […]

Summing it up– Notes from the IUCr 2011 crystallographer meeting

 In my previous post I shared with you the commotion of getting to Madrid for the tri-annual world-wide crystallographers meeting, the International Union of Crystallography 22nd congress. Sound really bombastic and for a reason as three years in the scientific life of many crystallographers is the difference between no progress to determining a structure (or […]