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Purify, purify and…purify more: tips for improving your protein purification capabilities – part 2

In the previous post I have focused mainly on preparing and performing the first steps in the purification of a recombinant protein. In this section I will discuss a bit further about Nickel affinity chromatography via prepack column, about gradient elution and give some advice on improving purification of dirty preps. Advertisements

Funny pause – stuff graduate student say

Everyone knows it is crucial to have breaks from time to time (if you can, do a 10 minutes break every working hour). So I have decided to share with you this funny vid about common phrases graduate student tell their PIs, colleagues and even their spouse…hope you enjoy this share!

Purify, purify and…purify more: tips for improving your protein purification capabilities

Many biochemists purify their beloved proteins, whether at small or large scale and for different reasons (identification, enzymatic reactions, characterization etc.). There are several rules and tips that can facilitate the purification process and increase your chances to have a pure protein in your freezer at the end of the day.