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Crystallography for beginners – part 6a – what to do when the protein doesn’t crystallize? introduction to Limited proteolysis

I will start my “Protein crystallography rescue strategies” series with a rational biochemical approach to determine the boundaries of domains.

Crystallography for beginners – part 6 – what to do when the protein doesn’t crystallize?

In previous posts I have discussed methods to grow protein crystals and how to monitor their growth. Yet, in many cases the first screen(s) trials will not yield any protein crystals. In such a case, what strategies one should explore on the path for protein crystals? In this and later posts I will discuss these […]

Crystallography for beginners – part 5 – monitoring and evaluating crystallization experiments results

So, you’ve set your first plate(s) as I have detailed in my previous post about setting up crystallization plates. That’s great, yet this is only the first half of a crystallization experiment. Now you need to monitor for crystal growth and interpret the result of the crystallization experiments so you know which future experiment to […]