My name is Chen Guttman.My+Photo+SMZ+June+2014 I am a scientist and biotech manager living in Israel. You can find more info at my LinkedIn profile.

I hold a PhD in Biochemistry from the Zarivach lab for macromolecular crystallography, specializing in protein purification,  crystallization and solution NMR.

I am also an avid Photographer .

In this blog I will share with you my experience as a protein biochemist, discussing purification methodologies, protein crystallography techniques and in general tackling various biological and non-biological problems (improving your research capabilities).

2 comments on “About

  1. Hello Chen Guttman. Is there any way to contact you. I am working on a repository known as Journal of Errology for the kind of problems you have describes in your articles titled “Getting out of the box: startup your creative and innovative capabilities”

    It can be found at http://www.bioflukes.com

    If you can give me you email address, I can tell you more about this and how you will be able to share it with other researchers. These are very valuable stumbles and need to be safeguarded.

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