10 items you must have when working and commuting

A century ago, most people worked at their home proximity, most of their day was centered on labor and less on traveling. Today, with the expanding globalization culture and the availability of fast transportation means, many people commute tens and even over hundred kilometers from their home to their place of work. However, fast as […]

LinkedIn for graduate students: how to market yourself on the net

You might be a first year graduate student or a post-doc looking for its next challenge in the academy or in the industry. Whatever goals you have, your career path will rely heavily on your qualifications and experience but not just that; smart marketing/self branding can get you farther than your dry qualification can. Of […]

From the beach to the bench: how to reduce Monday’s depression?

After quite some time on vacation (10 days!) it is kinda hard to return to the bench. It’s not that I am lazy, far from it, its just that the mindset is tuned on different waves and all of a sudden, you need to shift yourself from 0 to 100 Mph. Well, I’ve decided this […]

Purify, purify and…purify more: tips for improving your protein purification capabilities – part 2

In the previous post I have focused mainly on preparing and performing the first steps in the purification of a recombinant protein. In this section I will discuss a bit further about Nickel affinity chromatography via prepack column, about gradient elution and give some advice on improving purification of dirty preps.

Funny pause – stuff graduate student say

Everyone knows it is crucial to have breaks from time to time (if you can, do a 10 minutes break every working hour). So I have decided to share with you this funny vid about common phrases graduate student tell their PIs, colleagues and even their spouse…hope you enjoy this share!

Getting a fatty – improving recombinant protein expression

So now that I have finished writing the BSF grant, I am finally free to get back to the bench and start kicking some serious work. One of my “on the shelf proteins” is a small protein less than 20 kDa which expresses poorly – so, in this post I will discuss how to boost […]

The cost of being unorganized

A couple of days ago I have seen a comment on twitter made by @Bam294 – here it goes: Now, putting aside the fact that it is a wrong decision to transfer samples from -80 degrees to plus 4 degrees, it reminded me of the importance of order and documentation of freezers sample, especially those […]