Summing it up– Notes from the IUCr 2011 crystallographer meeting

 In my previous post I shared with you the commotion of getting to Madrid for the tri-annual world-wide crystallographers meeting, the International Union of Crystallography 22nd congress. Sound really bombastic and for a reason as three years in the scientific life of many crystallographers is the difference between no progress to determining a structure (or […]

Getting ready for crystallographic meetings – IUCr 2011

It has been some time since I have wrote here; I have been too busy writing the BSF grant before taking the flight to Madrid for the tri-annual meeting of world wide crystallophers. Madrid is a wonderfull setup for this meeting with plan aimed at Macro and small -molecule crystallography as well as other specialized […]

Young Scientist Forum 2011 – days full of science & celebrations

I was writing this post on the last day of the FEBS congress, evening was  falling fast in the old part of Torino as I was recollecting all my scientific and personal experiences from the excellent YSF meeting. See my previous post for the first part of this special meeting.

Young Scientist Forum 2011 – getting there

I’m writing you while on the FEBS 2011 congress and I must say I quite enjoyed the Young Scientist Forum meeting that have been held right before the congress. I’ve enjoyed it so much I didn’t had the time to update my blog. But I should first start from the beginning of the first day.

Increasing resolution by repetitive Ion-Exchange chromatography

It has been some time since I wrote here: multiple deadlines from my PhD programs and my coming soon trip to Torino, Italy, made me work more on the bench and less on the keyboard. I would like to share with you some really cool stuff that got me quite excited, even after so many […]

Thoughts about going on a Vacation

Going on Vacation – is it THAT important? As was written so elegantly at the Biodata blog, vacation is a routine that should be adopted by all professional, regardless of their theme of profession or their necessity to the company/society. Like every human-engineered device, if it won’t be lubricated and maintained, it’s gonna get broken. […]

Concluding slide: how to prepare for a lecture and enjoy it

“The best lessons are those that learned on your first fall” anonymous Yesterday I’ve pitched for the first time a scientific lecture in front of crystallographic professionals. I was lucky to have my first baptism of fire within the confines of a small annual meeting which is a “soft” landing into the rocks of the […]