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5 software and applications to help you stay on top of things

5 software and applications to help you stay on top of things

When I first sat behind the helm of the R&D management, I had a lot on my mind and on my hands. And the clock was ticking. When the R&D team was composed of only myself, I had to be both efficient and very specific with my prioritization. A lab had to be secured, equipped, […]

10 items you must have when working and commuting

A century ago, most people worked at their home proximity, most of their day was centered on labor and less on traveling. Today, with the expanding globalization culture and the availability of fast transportation means, many people commute tens and even over hundred kilometers from their home to their place of work. However, fast as […]

Getting the most of the new iPhone operating system: using mobile iOS 7 in the lab

Almost 48 hours post the official release of the brand new iOS 7, and the world wild web is buzzing and bustling with tweets, “how to” articles, complaints and also praises for the face lift apple hinted toward some months ago. From my own experience, and from other millions of iPhone users, it is clear […]

Talking about productivity: Labguru in the academy

Talking about productivity: Labguru in the academy At a small symposium held recently by Merck-Serono, Israel Makov, chairman of several Israeli biotech companies, have given a lecture about the challenges of biopharma in the coming years. He commented that the problem with current biopharma’s R&D is not the lack of knowledge, but rather the lack […]

Purify, purify and…purify more: tips for improving your protein purification capabilities – part 5

Through a series of posts I have recently shared tips and insights about improving your protein purification preparation. It included bioinformatics analysis for protein purification, affinity chromatography, Ion-exchange chromatography and Size exclusion chromatography. Now that you have successfully established a pure sample, how should you store it? And what can you do to learn about […]

From the beach to the bench: how to reduce Monday’s depression?

After quite some time on vacation (10 days!) it is kinda hard to return to the bench. It’s not that I am lazy, far from it, its just that the mindset is tuned on different waves and all of a sudden, you need to shift yourself from 0 to 100 Mph. Well, I’ve decided this […]

Why should I pay??

I am writing this piece after seeing Prof. David Stephens commenting on twitter in regard to the recent acquisition of LabLife by Biodata: Now, essentially his question is in place – why should someone pay for a certain service/product if he/she could get similar (but not equal) product for free? and now that Lablife is […]