Tips for mastering time leaks: how to effectively use every minute

Tips for mastering time leaks: how to effectively use every minute

Source: http://bit.ly/2aiajKt Fact: our most precious resource is our time. The bad news: life in the digital era can be a major time consumer with little benefits gained at the end of the day. The good news: it’s at the hand of every person to manage his/her “time leaks” to balance effectiveness with spontaneous. Here’s […]

Documentary photography with an iPhone

Couple of days ago, I have stumbled over The New York Times blog Lens post that reminded me of my own recent experience as a documentary photographer. The post dealt with the 3rd place winner of the Pictures of The Year competition, Damon Winter, which snapped the winning image via iPhone’s Hipstamatic app. According to […]

Starting up 2014

Been a long time since I have written my previous post and for two good reasons. One, I have got my final thesis approval and will be submitting it in two days. Second, in the past two weeks I have started working for a biotech startup which keep me busy pretty good. 🙂 So, 2014 […]

Crystallography for beginners – part 6b – what to do when the protein doesn’t crystallize? Lysine Methylation

In the previous post I have discussed how limited proteolysis aids in protein’s fold boundaries determination and identification of the minimal crystallizeable fragments or domains. An important factor controlling protein crystallization is surface contact arrays between one molecule to another. Under most circumstances crystallographers can’t know which residue participates in surface interaction and whether this modification […]

Crystallography for beginners: making the move into protein crystallography – Part 3

Some of you must be curious about the science behind protein crystallization. Well, to the astonishment of many novices in the field, protein crystallization is an empirical science, even after so many years of research and no complete knowledge of protein crystallization exist.  It does sometimes can be more art than science which demands minute […]

Getting out of the box: startup your creative and innovative capabilities

“Everyone knows that instant judgment is the enemy of creativity,” (Edward de Bono, 1995) Today I want to share with you folks a story that I hope many will learn from. I have, for sure…

At the middle way – thoughts about the end

Recently, as I passed the middle ground of my PhD studies, crept those thoughts about the end. All of a sudden you realize that this 4-years marathon (if not more) is coming to its end soon and you should prepare. Prepare? prepare for what? Suddenly, you realize that you haven’t given too much thoughts about […]