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10 items you must have when working and commuting

A century ago, most people worked at their home proximity, most of their day was centered on labor and less on traveling. Today, with the expanding globalization culture and the availability of fast transportation means, many people commute tens and even over hundred kilometers from their home to their place of work. However, fast as […]

En-route – making the most of “off-lab” time

I will start off by saying that I am a public transportation user. With the increasing price of fuel and the distance I am traveling to the lab everyday (over 100km one way), public transportation is the best choice for me and for those who want to do more with their time. Sounds weird? Maybe. […]

Thoughts about the PhD program and success

Everyone wants to succeed in their doings – ambition is part of the human nature, even for those that are lazy. What differs us, humans, from one another is the degree of ambition flowing in our blood. Why is it so important for most people to feel successful? What stands behind this drive to be one, if not, the […]