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10 items you must have when working and commuting

A century ago, most people worked at their home proximity, most of their day was centered on labor and less on traveling. Today, with the expanding globalization culture and the availability of fast transportation means, many people commute tens and even over hundred kilometers from their home to their place of work. However, fast as […]

From the beach to the bench: how to reduce Monday’s depression?

After quite some time on vacation (10 days!) it is kinda hard to return to the bench. It’s not that I am lazy, far from it, its just that the mindset is tuned on different waves and all of a sudden, you need to shift yourself from 0 to 100 Mph. Well, I’ve decided this […]

The cost of being unorganized

A couple of days ago I have seen a comment on twitter made by @Bam294 – here it goes: Now, putting aside the fact that it is a wrong decision to transfer samples from -80 degrees to plus 4 degrees, it reminded me of the importance of order and documentation of freezers sample, especially those […]

Increasing resolution by repetitive Ion-Exchange chromatography

It has been some time since I wrote here: multiple deadlines from my PhD programs and my coming soon trip to Torino, Italy, made me work more on the bench and less on the keyboard. I would like to share with you some really cool stuff that got me quite excited, even after so many […]

Thoughts about going on a Vacation

Going on Vacation – is it THAT important? As was written so elegantly at the Biodata blog, vacation is a routine that should be adopted by all professional, regardless of their theme of profession or their necessity to the company/society. Like every human-engineered device, if it won’t be lubricated and maintained, it’s gonna get broken. […]

En-route – making the most of “off-lab” time

I will start off by saying that I am a public transportation user. With the increasing price of fuel and the distance I am traveling to the lab everyday (over 100km one way), public transportation is the best choice for me and for those who want to do more with their time. Sounds weird? Maybe. […]

Next generation PhD program?

Whether you admit it or not, the PhD program is heading slowly but steadily toward a major crisis. The recent series by Nature have prompted me to re-think about the system PhD graduation. I know; nobody likes changes, especially not the academia profs, but believe me, it will hurt twice as much if the system will not […]